Autumn Winter 21

Autumn Winter 21

I am thrilled to share with you my first capsule collection, Autumn Winter 21!

 In designing this collection I have taken all of my favourite things: luscious natural fibres, retro prints, classic patterns, yummy textures and brewed them up with some vintage influence to create a range of everyday wearables.

 The seventies style corduroy dress and pure linen nautical style pants highlight respect for traditional dressmaking.  While the up-cycled t-shirts made from materials sourced from charity shops, and the quilted vest made from Japanese kimono fabric discovered in a New York flea market, speak of a curiosity for really getting creative with the making of fashion.

 With a hop and a skip being based in Brisbane, Queensland, each style is designed for a sub-tropical climate.  Embracing a jovial outlook these pieces are made just for the fun of everyday dressing up. Light enough to pack for travelling across our wide brown land and with plenty of colour to brighten the coming crisp days and wintry nights.  

 So... layer up up and dress to play!

💕 Laura xox


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