I’ve always loved fashion, but then I started falling out of love with my wardrobe.  And the more I investigated it, the more I fell out of love with the current fashion system.

To love fashion again, I had to play by my own rules.  But when you are a one-woman show the odds are stacked against you.

There were doubters.  They said it was an un-viable business, they said it was an un-scalable (like that’s a bad thing).  I struggled with a steep learning curve.  I made mistakes, some more than once, embarrassingly some more than twice.  I put my money, blood (literally pin pricks), sweat and tears to get my dream off the ground.

But despite the challenges, I did it anyway.  I found the people who got me, lent on the support of my community and always stayed true to my vision.

And after many years, all of a sudden I have created a fashion label to truly fall in love with.