Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is the slowing down of the production and consumption cycle of fashion.  It is about considering the processes and resources required to make clothing and taking into account the fair treatment of people and environment, aka the true cost of fashion.  It is the conscientious consumer choice to buy better quality garments that will last longer. The movement is a rebuttal to fast fashion, which thrives on mass-scale, cost-cutting, endless consumption, and ultimately, fast turnover to landfill.

Slow fashion is about creating your own capsule collection of timeless investment pieces that are stylish and practical.  It’s about mending instead of throwing away or adding to the over-saturated second-hand market. It’s looking amazing in beautiful pieces every day.  And it’s feeling amazing for making  conscientious consumer choices.

As a slow fashion label, a hop and a skip values sustainability. As Designer and Founder of a hop and a skip I aim to create ageless designs and silhouettes that last well beyond seasonal trends, from which you can mindfully curate a wardrobe of value pieces.

The slow fashion movement asks you to resist low-cost, trendy buys.  As an alternative, you are invited to invest in gorgeous, beautifully hand-crafted pieces. I hope you will join me in this slow fashion movement.


Studio image with industrial sewing machine, threads and inspiration wall