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At A Hop and A Skip, I work with deadstock and sustainable textiles to create thoughtfully crafted pieces designed to last a lifetime. Placing equal value on quality and conscientious manufacturing, I work exclusively in small production runs and with local manufacturing. A Hop & A Skip is a slow fashion label offering versatile and fanciful fashion pieces and accessories for the young at heart.

Spring Summer 20/21


My silk scarf by A Hop & A Skip is the softest, warmest and most delightful thing I wear around my neck. And my head sometimes too. I love the functionality of slightly different looks available by the folding it in different ways. I seriously receive comments on it every time I wear it. Love love love!


I purchased a pair of the lycra briefs and love them!! They’re beautifully made, fully lined and very flattering. Perfect for the beach or as an aerials costume!


A Hop and A Skip is a beautiful, unique item, slow fashion label made locally in Brisbane. Laura’s pieces have been created with love, attention to detail with amazing quality. It feels like I’m wearing a performance piece every time I wear my divine skirt. Laura offers a repair service so I will keep loving and enjoying this skirt for years and years. Thanks Laura. I can’t wait for my next A Hop and A Skip piece!


AW21 launching Mid May

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